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3 ways Elastic Path is a perfect fit for Adobe
Designed for Adobe

We work with your developers to create the best commerce platform for AEM.

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We work with your developers to create the best commerce platform for AEM.

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Driving Deals

85% of AEM prospects are planning to increase their investment in commerce

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Designed for Adobe
We design exclusively for Adobe

Elastic Path builds the best and most compatible commerce software for Adobe Marketing Cloud, period. Every day, we work side-by-side with the Adobe product team, develop together, participate in joint reviews, and coordinate roadmaps to make sure everything works perfectly.

100% designed for commerce only

Elastic Path is a commerce-only company. Unlike other vendors, we don’t do content management. We don’t do analytics. We don’t do testing or targeting. We don’t do campaigns. That’s your turf. We add “commerce” to “experience-driven commerce”, so working with Elastic Path protects your recurring book of business (RBOB).

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Read and freely distribute guide to Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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"Our work with Elastic Path will provide great benefits to our combined customers."

Aseem Chandra

Vice President, Experience Manager & Target, Adobe

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We are the de facto commerce demo for Adobe

Elastic Path is the new de facto sales demo for Adobe's global salesforce. We replaced Hybris as the official demo platform due to our superior integration and extreme flexibility. See for yourself. Download the demo.

Elastic Path VS SAP
Competitive Analysis

SAP’s systems are from one vendor, while Elastic Path gives you a best-of-breed approach. See all the points on why Elastic Path is better.

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Unparalleled Adobe

See how Elastic Path beats Hybris and others for Adobe integration.

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“If Adobe were to build an ecommerce platform, it would very much look like Elastic Path.”

Piotr Zabiello

Head of Consulting, Netcentric AG

Driving Deals
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Adding commerce to Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most powerful way to meet customer demands and net yourself a bigger deal. That’s because "commerce technology" purchases aren’t just limited to ecommerce platforms – they benefit from almost everything that’s in Adobe Marketing Cloud. See below for how commerce fits into Adobe Experience Manager, Campaign, Target, and Analytics.

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Adobe Analytics

Analytics Adobe Analytics is great at generating actionable insights. But when you combine it seamlessly with commerce software, these insights are transformed instantly into real action - personalized promotions, pricing, and marchandising.

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Adobe Campaign

Customers buy Adobe Campaign because it creates new opportunities through personalization. When you bring them a solution that seamlessly combines this with commerce, you'll be a strategic hero.

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Adobe Experience Manager

Industry analysts are preaching the convergence of "content + commerce" and telling your customers to combine the marketing firepower of a platform like Adobe Experience Manager with the functionality of a commerce solution.

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Adobe Target

Marketers love the powerful testing and optimization capabilities of Adobe Target. But it can be tough for them justify the investment. Make this objection disappear by adding commerce to the picture.

We’ve won big deals together

This page isn’t just hot air from our marketing folks. Money talks. Adobe Marketing Cloud and Elastic Path are a perfect fit for the changing face of the industry. Experience-driven commerce is reimagining the shopping experience through digital experiences.

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We share the same partners

We make it easy for your customers to successfully implement Adobe and Elastic Path together. Major digital agencies with commerce expertise - the ones your customers know and trust - now have practices dedicated to Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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We have the tools to continue the conversation

Elastic Path is dedicated to helping you succeed in your deals by providing you with compelling tools and marketing materials, such as our new The Advanced Commerce Maturity Scale ™ and our 4 e-books.

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